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Enfo's Merc Guide

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1 Enfo's Merc Guide on Sun Jun 29, 2008 8:06 am

Stat Build
2 Dura 1 Agi

Recommended Skills
Wicked Windmill Maxed Out
Taunt Level 3
Mock Monsters Maxed Out
Circle Maxed Out
Dust Pan Maxed Out
Crane Maxed Out
Splitting Chop Level 5
Cross Chop Maxed Out

And at higher levels I suggest getting Equip HA and Spear. Having these skills makes it possible for you to tank on other jobs. Take note, that the these skills do not require for you to use any merc springs (except LQ springs). If you happen to decide to use springs then you should probably get Arrow formation. Or Equip Axe/Shield.

This is how I have my hot key bar set up.

F1 = Spear
F2 = Wicked Windmill
F3 = Axe
F4 = Cross Chop
F5 = Mock
Alt + F1 = Circle
Alt + F2 = Crane

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