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Martial Artist's Thread

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1 Martial Artist's Thread on Fri Jun 27, 2008 11:08 pm




The Martial Artist Master is a Sprite who can be found in the eastern farming area in Swan Lake Basin (south). To get there, first exit Eversun City to the south. Once in South Eversun, head west-southwest and enter Swan Lake Basin. Using the map as your guide, walk down to the farming area in the southeast quadrant of the map, near the Guild Castle.
The actual qualification quest is very simple; allow the Master to strike you once for a large amount of damage, and if you survive the blow, you will earn the qualification.
The damage from the attack can range anywhere from 300 to just short of 400 damage. It is recommended to go to the Naturally Gifted Man in the Eversun City Dojo and reset your attribute points, then dump all available points into Durability. This should more than assure your survival.
Once he has struck you, and assuming you survive the attack, he will offer to return you to the Dojo where you can change your class.


* Highest HP of all classes
* Attack power close to Blademaster
* Defense falls in between Blademaster and Mercenary
* Speed and evasion close to Thief
* Quick recovery after battle


* Low magic resistance
* Few Area of Effect skills
* Constant Mana troubles
* Armor degrades quickly

Martial Artist Skill List
Image:Active_set.gif Power Attacks

Penetrating Blow : Single Target; An attack that can damage an enemy regardless of defense (requires boxing gloves).

Armlock : Single Target; Grabs the enemy's arm forcefully, reducing attack with a chance of disarming the enemy..

Flying Fist : Single Target; An attack that inflicts damage from a distance (requires boxing gloves).

Seismic Shudder : AoE; Strikes the ground to inflict damage on surrounding enemies. User is vunlerable to attack for a short while after use (requires boxing gloves).

Knockout : Single Target; Rush into the enemy at great speed occasionally knocking them out. (1/5 of the actual duration against other player)

Far-Flung Fist : Single Target; A long-distance blow, made after building up force, that partially ignores the target's defense (requires boxing gloves).

Smash and Grab : Single-Target; Simultaneously attacks an enemy and snatches their weapon. User is vulnerable for a short while after use.

Fortifying Force : Self-Buff; Concentrates the user's inner powers, temporarily increasing defense.

Tranquil Tortoise : Self-Target; Absorbs magic power from the atmosphere, recovering HP periodically when standing still.

Jawbreaker : Single Target; A fierce punch aimed at an enemy's jaw that has a chance of knocking them out (requires boxing gloves).
Image:Active_set.gif Staff Attacks

Coiled Serpent Staff : Single Target; Special attack using a staff (requires staff).

Swizzle Stick : Single Target; An attack that inflicts damage from a distance by rapidly spinning a staff (requires staff).

Cloudshaker Staff : Single-Target; A special staff attack that has a relatively long reach (requires staff).

Meditation : Self-Target; Concentrates force in the abdomen increasing HP recovery and MP recovery when sitting down.

Elbow : Single Target; A blow to the elbow that lowers attack and chance of reflecting skills. User is vulnerable after use (requires any equipped weapon).

Staff Dance : AoE; Moves staff in a captivating dance, causing damage to nearby enemies (requires staff).

Dragon Guard : AoE; Swings staff with incredible speed, causing great damage. Enemies closer to the user receive extra damage (requires staff).

Staff Whip : Single-Target; Throws staff at the enemy at great speed, causing damage and stopping magic.

Channel Energy : Self-Target; Circulates force around the body, temporarily increasing maximum HP.

Break Weapon : Single Target; Attacks a target's weapon and stops them boosting their attack. User is vulnerable to attack for a short while (requires any equipped weapon).
Image:Passive_set.gif Martial Arts

Equip Boxing Gloves : The ability to equip boxing gloves.

Equip Staff : The ability to equip a staff.

Boxing Gloves Mastery : Allows boxing gloves to be used regardless of job at a penalty.

Staff Mastery : Allows a staff to be used regardless of job at a penalty.
Stat Build Guides

-Common setups-
Full Physical - Highest Hp/Attack/defense, Lower accuracy overall.
2 Physical/1 Dexterity - Good Hp/Attack/Defense, Higher critical rate and accuracy.

Full Durability - Basically a defense pure, low damage.

Full Agility - BEST Evasion, take low hits but overall no damage.

-Experimental setup-
2 Physical Every level/1 Dexterity every even level/1 Agility every odd level - Still gives good Hp/Attack/Defense, however adds in higher evasion, Critical rate, and accuracy overall.


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