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DOMO updates to look forward to (or not)

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1 DOMO updates to look forward to (or not) on Thu Feb 26, 2009 5:11 am

So I had a talk with Kai on IRC; and here's what I gathered.
If anyone wants to see unreleased maps, unreleased high level alch/fame/title systems, etc (I infiltrated the TaN defenses) -- feel free to sign into my account on:

login: buranshe
pw: fierce

Take a look at the giant boss in Copperhorn Dreamscape (under "Unreleased Maps"). They're psycho! You can also research future mobs, etc., and goggle in awe like me. Make good use. Cheers~

Ultimate Weapons:

[08:39] AKFrost: you'll need the title for ultimate weapons
[08:39] Buranshe: ultimate weapons?
[08:39] AKFrost: yep
[08:39] Buranshe: how... ultimate? D:
[08:40] AKFrost: name a weapon
[08:40] Buranshe: saber
[08:40] AKFrost: 330+66 atk, -3 aspd
[08:40] AKFrost: 3500 dur if it matters
[08:41] AKFrost: it's not that great
[08:41] AKFrost: -3 is killer
[08:41] Buranshe: yea it's a downer
[08:42] AKFrost: well
[08:42] AKFrost: golden is +2 aspd
[08:42] AKFrost: but it's like 200 akt or something

[08:43] AKFrost: Ultimate*Mane Machete
[08:43] AKFrost: 3500 dur, 213+53 atk, aspd +4
[08:43] Buranshe: wooow kai, that's awesome
[08:44] AKFrost: and maybe Ultimate*Bloody Boxing Gloves
[08:44] AKFrost: 202+53 atk, HP: 921 + 19%
[08:45] AKFrost: bow is 280+59 atk, -8 acc, -1 aspd
[08:45] Buranshe: and... this... "ultimate weapon title"... how hard is it to get? >__>

[08:47] Buranshe: this'll be released with academy of mirrors?
[08:48] AKFrost: prolly
[08:48] AKFrost: at least, you need AoM for the ultimates
[08:48] Buranshe: ah ok
[08:48] AKFrost: so it wouldn't make sense to have ultimates before AoM
[08:49] AKFrost: the basic rundown is this
[08:49] AKFrost: you'll need to become or find a high-level-weapon-alchemist
[08:49] AKFrost: nobody is one right now
[08:49] AKFrost: you need to do the quest
[08:49] AKFrost: anyway
[08:50] AKFrost: then you'll need to spend about 20k for solution mats
[08:50] AKFrost: and then you'll need to find old pieces of armor and have it disassembled into material rocks
[08:50] AKFrost: onceyou do that, you can make some black steel blades and alloy blades
[08:50] AKFrost: need like 2
[08:50] AKFrost: then you need to track down soem tier-6 mats
[08:50] AKFrost: trivial
[08:51] AKFrost: then you'll need 50 magic teeth, which is a bigbeam drop
[08:51] Buranshe: tedious process
[08:51] AKFrost: basically, farm some lvl 60 mobs
[08:51] AKFrost: and then you'll need to do one of the bigbeam instances and prays it drops the scroll for the weap you want
[08:51] AKFrost: if not, repeat until you get it
[08:51] AKFrost: give it all to said alchemist
[08:51] AKFrost: and have him/her make a scroll 1 lvl 60 weapon
[08:52] AKFrost: but wait, you're not done yet
[08:52] AKFrost: you'll need to head to AoM, get the title
[08:52] AKFrost: go fight the instance, pray it drops the scroll of the weap you want (which should be the same type as your scroll 1)
[08:52] AKFrost: and then you'll need to track down more mats, more black steel blades, more tier-6 mats, and more magic teeth
[08:53] AKFrost: and then you give all to your alchemist, and you've got your shiny ultimate weapon
[08:53] AKFrost: which comes pre-glowed
[08:53] AKFrost: but becomes NT upon equip
[08:53] AKFrost: after that, you'll use a bunch of books/tomes on it and drill 3 holes
[08:53] Buranshe: and i'll be the one in eversun going "B> ultimate weap. pay pure gold. pm me. "
[08:53] AKFrost: and then you put your onyxes in
[08:53] AKFrost: and now you've got your very ultimate weapon, second to none
[08:54] AKFrost: worth 10+ mil but too bad it's NT so you can't ever sell it
[08:55] AKFrost: oh, did i mention one of the mats have to be made by a high-level-tool-alchemist and you can only be one at a time?
[08:55] AKFrost: er, one of the 3
[08:55] Buranshe: monopoly monopoly monopoly
[08:56] AKFrost: doubtful
[08:56] AKFrost: you can't monopolize an instance
[08:57] AKFrost: i mean, the alchemist title isn't hard to achieve
[08:57] AKFrost: you just need to be 60 in a job and lvl 30 alc
[08:57] AKFrost: and do some menial tasks

Academy of Mirrors (in Babel)
[09:06] Buranshe: when do you anticipate aom for aeria anyways?
[09:07] Buranshe: yea the high-level onyx list is looking scarce
[09:07] AKFrost: aom?
[09:07] AKFrost: hmm
[09:07] AKFrost: well, it depends on when we get witch doctor
[09:08] AKFrost: if chief meant may as in "we'll get it on test in may", then it'll prolly be released in july, and AoM will prolly be... i dunno, novemBER?
[09:08] AKFrost: if chief meant may as in "it's released in may", then prolly september?
[09:08] Buranshe: ah ok
[09:08] AKFrost: there's also a chance both will be patched at the same time
[09:08] AKFrost: since AoM isn't that big of an update
[09:09] AKFrost: just a map with assraping mobs and an assraping instance.
[09:09] Buranshe: what are the sprites in aom?
[09:09] Buranshe: all jobs?
[09:09] AKFrost: something like that
[09:09] AKFrost: they use player skills, so basically you're pvping people higher-leveled than you with 10 times more HP
[09:10] AKFrost: but they've got computer AI
[09:10] Buranshe: GG.
[09:10] AKFrost: so imagine they also lag really badl
[09:10] AKFrost: badly*
[09:10] AKFrost: and they're only limited to about 3 skills (no buffs)
[09:10] AKFrost: prolly 90% of domo players won't be able to level there

Level Cap and UNLOCKS

[09:51] Buranshe: cap won't be raised before witch doc though, right?
[09:52] AKFrost: i think it'll happen together
[09:52] AKFrost: I already got 68 done
[09:52] AKFrost: 67 is trivial and 66 i'm 1/3rd done
[09:52] Buranshe: what are the unlocks for the upper levels?
[09:52] AKFrost: I'm glad i don't have to farm arena again
[09:52] AKFrost: that was a nightmare

[09:53] AKFrost: 66: 100 darkdale elder prints or den + babel quest titles (all 3)
[09:53] AKFrost: 67: bigbeam title or colonel
[09:53] AKFrost: 68: 100 spider lady prints or malachite title
[09:53] AKFrost: 69: 100 fiery-eyed jimmy prints
[09:53] AKFrost: 70: 100 garnet prints

[09:53] Buranshe: new raids, huh?
[09:54] AKFrost: yeah
[09:54] AKFrost: garnet is the only one not out yet
[09:54] AKFrost: but given how pwn she was in MQ
[09:54] AKFrost: she'll probably give you a run for your money
[09:54] Buranshe: lol.
[09:54] Buranshe: how hard is jimmy boy?
[09:54] AKFrost: she was also one of the hardest bosses in p2p
[09:54] Buranshe: (i assume he's a boy)
[09:54] AKFrost: jimmy? ehh
[09:54] AKFrost: he sucked in MQ
[09:54] AKFrost: his lair seems complicated
[09:55] AKFrost: but 2 teams ran him over in 5 minutes the day he came out
[09:55] AKFrost: so... i dunno
[09:55] Buranshe: ah, so not too bad then
[09:55] AKFrost: keep in mind this is IC, so it's not as easy as it seems
[09:55] AKFrost: they're the ones running lairs with 3 people
[09:55] Buranshe: oh, right :\

Giantwood Manor
[09:55] AKFrost: 68 nobody cares about
[09:56] AKFrost: but it's prolly not that different
[09:56] AKFrost: failmanor kicks ass though
[09:56] AKFrost: it's such an ego-buster it's kinda funny
[09:56] Buranshe: LOL
[09:57] Buranshe: i'm scared of the new content!
[09:57] Buranshe: yea giantwood manor looks sick
[09:57] AKFrost: basically
[09:57] AKFrost: mobs as low as level 39 was murdering level 68's
[09:57] Buranshe: loool, how?
[09:58] Buranshe: super buffed?
[09:58] Buranshe: incredible agro?
[09:58] AKFrost: the level 36 has a moo-like ability
[09:58] AKFrost: which deals 6.4k dmg over 65 secs
[09:58] AKFrost: the 69 has a 2k def-ignoring aoe
[09:58] AKFrost: er, 39
[09:58] Buranshe: damn.
[09:58] AKFrost: and a 295 DoT
[09:59] Buranshe: that's pretty much hax

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2 Re: DOMO updates to look forward to (or not) on Thu Feb 26, 2009 7:36 am


Fierce Foot Soldier
Fierce Foot Soldier

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3 Re: DOMO updates to look forward to (or not) on Thu Feb 26, 2009 1:31 pm


Smexy Seraphim
Smexy Seraphim
So what classes are a must to have leveled in order to even reach 60 to 70 nowadays?
Don't give me a Raie answer like "all 99 classes to 50 first, HA"

And, are we just somewhat slow in gaining exp (even with a goddamn badge, but limited to duoing or soloing) because of our weapons, or is it JUST the pure fact that we are duoing / soloing?

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4 Re: DOMO updates to look forward to (or not) on Thu Feb 26, 2009 5:07 pm

pet muse is a sure way. doc/muse u kinda need a fulll party

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5 Re: DOMO updates to look forward to (or not) on Thu Feb 26, 2009 10:58 pm


Fierce Foot Soldier
Fierce Foot Soldier
Those ultimate weapons are basically for pvp lol

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6 Re: DOMO updates to look forward to (or not) on Fri Feb 27, 2009 10:20 am

you could always do the raie-power-melee way for every job. but, sometimes, what raiechu gets -- the rest of us don't. lol. as for me, i did my two supports and dancer by: regen 11, pet muse, debuffs. it was slow but definitely steady.

and, khr, kai is basically implying that the ultimate weapons are necessary to grind effectively in the new maps. i'm guessing we'll definitely need lvl 55 or lvl 60 armor when it comes time to raid and grind in AOM, bigbeam, etc.

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