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Theif's Thread

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1 Theif's Thread on Fri Jun 27, 2008 11:15 pm




* Highest evasion
* Highest critical rate
* Fast attack speed
* Use of Pilfer and Pillage for rare recipes
* Early low cost Area of effect damage skill


* Low Defense and HP
* Low Magic resistance
* Pilfer and Pillage have low success rates


Talk to Baby Burglar on the Swan Lake map. You will need upwards of 300 gold to buy a key. (Note1: If you say no, and talk to him again the amount changes. It will either go up or down. Keep doing it until you get a good price. This also works when talking to the Between Bruglar) After talking to Baby Burglar, go to the mines in Eversun South and talk to Between Burglar who will charge you for a mold of the key. (See Note1) After you have the mold, go back to the Swan Lake map and head past Tranquilton to the locksmith, who will charge you 36 gold for the key. Head back up to Tranquilton (on the same map) and speak to Big Burglar and then the Chest. You will get two items to take to Bridget Love (Near where the locksmith was). Talk to Bridget Love and say no to both her questions. She will reveal she is the Theif Boss and gift you with the thief qualification.
Thief Skill List
Image:Active_set.gif Close Combat

* Super Stab : Single Target; Does strong damage against target (requires dagger).

* Swift Swallow Strike : AoE; Damages all enemies within the attack area (requires dagger).

* Control Breathing : Self-Target; Restores MP.

* Premonition : Self-Buff; Increases evasion and attack speed.

* Throw Knife : Single Target; Damages target by throwing a dagger at it (requires dagger).

* Stealthy Stab : Single Target; Attacks target with a damaging swift attack (requires dagger).

* Whirling Dervish : AoE; Damages surrounding enemies. (Require Dagger)

* Rhythm of Life : Self-Target; Restore HP & MP.

* Fighting Foresight : Self-Buff; Increases evasion and defense.

* Light Hammer Throw : Single Target; Throws a Light Hammer to damage the enemy (requires dagger).

Image:Active_set.gif Sneak Attacks

* Bolt From the Blouse : Single Target; Throws an arrow towards target (requires "Bolt From the Blouse" item x1)

* Lime Spray : Single Target; Blinds target, reducing its accuracy and magic accuracy (requires "Bag of Ash" item x1).

* Fast Getaway : Self-Buff; Increases movement speed for a short duration.

* Hypnosis : Single Target; Places target into sleep state for a short duration (1/2 effect against other players).

* Pilfer : Single Target; Steals items, recipes and money from target (doesn't work against other players).

* Veiled Volley : Single Target; Throws multiple arrows towards target (requires "Bolt From the Blouse" item x2~5 depending on skill level).

* Shadow Advance : Self-Buff; Hide in the surrounding, allowing for a sneak attack. A sneak attack has its damage and accuracy increased (requires "Bag of Ash" item x1).

* Run Amok : Self-Buff; Increases movement speed but reduces your attack speed.

* Play Dead : Self-Target; Pretend to be dead to fool monsters (doesn't work against Bosses).

* Pillage : Single Target; Attack and steal from target monster at the same time.

Image:Passive_set.gif Thieving Skills

* Equip Dagger : Allows you to equip daggers on another class with talent penalty.

* Equip Clothing : Allows you to equip clothes on another class.

* Dagger Mastery : Increases your dagger proficiency when used on another class.

Stat/Skill Builds


* Full agility - High evasion and damage
* 2 Agility, 1 Dexterity - High damage, good evasion, higher critical rate and hit rate


* 2 Dexterity, 1 Agility - High damage, okay evasion, good critical rate and hit rate
* Full Dexterity - High damage, Low evasion, high critical rate and hit rate


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